Mar. 11th, 2017

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Title: Compensations
Author: il-mio-capitano
Length: 100
Characters: Buffy and Giles
Following on from: A Slayer's Destiny last line: After all, it was her destiny.

After all, it was her destiny to fight the dark forces of evil alone. Nevertheless, as Buffy surveyed what seemed to be the most law abiding cemetery in the history of Undead Sunnydale, such a destiny kinda sucked on the slow nights.

Footsteps on the gravel path piqued her interest but it was only Giles. She ignored him pointedly, and he, saying nothing in return, sat down and proceeded to pour a thermos of tea, the smell of which had her wrinkling her nose in disapproval. However, things improved when he produced cake.

"You'd better have brought enough to share."

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Title: It Doesn’t All Suck
Author: littleotter73
Character: Buffy, Giles
Rating: G
Word Count: 100

Maybe it wasn’t so bad being the Slayer after all. The healing effects were tres cool. Kicking demon ass was definitely up there as an aggression therapy tool… and bonus: all evil big bads thwarted resulted in (mostly) awesome after parties. Of course, there were major downsides to slaying: vamp dust, demon goo, and… death.

But looking across the room, Buffy finally understood what made it all worth while, the quiet support and approval of her Watcher. Giles flashed her that look of immense pride and respect and she answered it with a smile.

Destiny had dealt her a solid.


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