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The final prompt is: Christmas Eve

Giles has had a blast this past month and I'd like to thank everyone who's taken part. Safe journeys for anyone travelling over the holidays and may I wish you all a very merry Christmas.
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Title: Bethlehem Seek This Holy Night
Characters: Giles, Buffy
Rating: General
Prompt: Well I wrote it to snow but lost the fake snow with the reindeer display and there's a distinct focus on Christmas crackers so I modified it for "pulling crackers"
Word Count: 1146
Disclaimer: They aren't mine, not yet, but they will be ... once I've taken over the world! Bwah-ha-ha!

He spent the early hours of the evening waiting (hoping) to hear the doorbell, but perhaps carolers didn’t sing at apartments and so Giles - after loading his pockets with a stake, a cross, and Holy Water - went out into the night. )

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Today's prompt is: Festive Sweater/Jumper
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Today's prompt is: It's a Wonderful Life
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Today's prompt is: Photos with Santa


Dec. 9th, 2015 08:47 pm
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Title: Better to Receive
Prompt: Secret Santa
Length: 100
Notes: I'm badly out of practice. Be kind.

It hadn't taken Snyder long to latch on to a similar sized present. He imposed himself between the librarian and the computer science teacher.

"I think a man who values both his employer and his employment, should appreciate the joys of gift exchange. Swap with me?"

To Jenny's disgust, Giles meekly traded parcels and Synder cackled away with his prize.

"I'm so sorry, Rupert. I hope he strangles himself with that scarf. Let's open yours and see what ....whoa! Who bought him fifteen year-old scotch?"

"I did." Giles smiled wickedly. "Some people just anticipate the joys of gift exchange."
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Title: Strange Brew
Author: littleotter73
Characters: Giles, Xander
Rating: FRC
Prompt: Eggnog
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: For fun, not profit


Giles eyed the punch bowl with something akin to the way he viewed the brews he’d kept in the Magic Box - with suspicion and contempt. It wasn’t necessarily the raw eggs that made his head swim - though he had his doubts - it was the sheer amounts of sugar and brandy he’d watched Buffy add to the mixture.

“Come on, G,” Xander slurred, clapping his hand on Giles’ shoulder. “You haven’t lived until you’ve had some of the Summers’ secret family nog. Try some.”

“No, no, I think not,” he replied quickly. “Diabetes and alcoholism… I’d sooner die a fyarl.”


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