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*Waves* Hi everyone! I've missed all of you so much! :)

Characters: Xander & Giles
Rated: PG
Length: ~900 words
Beta: The fantastic All4Spike — thank you!
Summary: Rewrite of the scene from BtVS episode 4x17 "Superstar". With a simple incantation, Xander sets Giles's book on fire. Here, the rest of the scene goes a little differently. May contain gratuitous Star Wars references.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine, etc.
Feedback: Always welcome! Pretty please? :)

Too late, Xander slammed the book shut, extinguishing the flames that’d burst into existence upon his incantation. Judging by the acrid smell rising from the book before him, however, the damage had been done. Uh-oh.
“Good Lord!” Giles rushed forward and rescued the ancient text from his hands, tossing his glasses on the coffee table to bury his nose in the damaged spread for a very close inspection....

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Title: When the Spell Lifted
Author: [livejournal.com profile] feliciacraft
Characters/Pairing: Rupert Giles/Anya Jenkins (BtVS)
Setting: End of Tabula Rasa (Season 6)
Prompt: Last line from previous drabble to be used as my first line: He didn’t like it.

When the Spell Lifted

He didn’t like it, the return of his memories, an onslaught of experiences intimate and foreign: of youthful aspirations turned unfinished business buried deep; of a tumultuous liberation twined with innocence lost; of expectations and responsibilities, duty and loyalty, and always the mission, above all.

He missed it already: the gutted version of himself unburdened by his past; the warmth of her body pressed into his own — the quiet reassurance of another’s love firmly in possession, knowing not their shared history, but that whatever it’d been, whatever it’d be, they’d face it together.

Now. What’d he gained, but more loss?


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Happy holidays and much love to our wonderful mod, [livejournal.com profile] il_mio_capitano, and to my fellow Giles-shortsians! I thought I'd save words by combining prompts, and naturally ended up with a ficlet instead. Forgive me, please?

Title: Shopping for Presents on the Hellmouth
Author: feliciacraft
Characters: Giles, Buffy
Rated: G
Length: 1003 (But...3 prompts!)
Prompts filled: #1: shopping for presents, #2: gingerbread, and sort of #4: making a list and checking it twice, with much thanks to il_mio_capitano for the wonderful prompts!
Feedback: Won't you please? I take con-crit like a pro. :)

Since peace on earth and goodwill to all non-demons would remain an unfulfilled wish here on the Hellmouth, Giles decided that he might as well celebrate Christmas by embracing the commercialism that Anya had assured him was the American way...
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Sneaking in a ficlet while we're still on the theme of Disappearance and Return. :)

Title: Arrival
Character: Giles
Rating: G
Continuity:BtVS Season 6, “Bargaining, Part 1”.
Summary: A vignette as Giles arrives at Heathrow International Airport.
Length: ~ 490 words.

Disoriented and bleary-eyed, Giles let a single thought, a lone guiding principle—sleep (and perchance, not to dream)—direct his movements, following the throngs of people exiting his flight past one checkpoint to another. He yearned for the comfort and privacy of his own bed, but the cross-Atlantic flight had so drained him for his utter failure at scraping even one decent nap that he thought that any bed would do. Good thing, really, that his brain was half shut-down already to register the scandalous implications of that thought.

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Hi everyone, I've really missed this comm! Although, I've kept up on the sinful posts of May--so deliciously sinful. :) Sorry to not have contributed earlier. (Blame it on [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy, which should be fun to check out if it is your cup of tea.) But here I am again! :)

Title: Lust at First Sight
Characters: Giles, Original Character
Rating: PG/FRT
Length: 572 words

It was lust at first sight--Giles knew as soon as he set his eyes on her...

Hope everyone's been well!


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