Sep. 18th, 2017

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 This week's prompt is inspired by a certain scene during Season 4's "The Harsh Light of Day" as seen below...

That's right! This week's prompt is:
The Velvet Underground

Just like last week, we have addition sub-prompts for you, if you are interested. These are all song tracks from Loaded, the specific album tha Oz was holding up. They are:
Who Loves the Sun
Head Held High
I Found a Reason

Remember, there's no time limit for when you need to post your prompt-inspired works. These are merely to get you inspired and get you writing. Drabbles or ficlets of any length are most welcome. Take these prompts wherever you see fit, including any pairings and characters that you please. Just as long as Giles is in the mix somewhere, of course!

As for another bit of housekeeping, as those of you on Tumblr might already know, Otter and I have started a Giles-dedicated blog, which you can find here. It's a good place to get some visual inspiration. To help with the writing we created a few tags for posts associated with the current theme. Here's the one for the Giles's Record Collection theme and this is the one for last week's Cream and/or Clapton prompt and this is the one for the Velvet Underground.

Happy writing and see you next week!


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