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Title: Showdown
Author: il-mio-capitano
Length: 100
Characters: Jenny and Giles
Following on from It Doesn't All Suck Last line: Destiny had dealt her a solid.

Destiny had dealt her a solid pair of aces and Jenny wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. She stared provocatively across the card table at Rupert and tried to fluster him, but he drank his beer and stared back impassively - damn the man!

"Maybe we should make this hand interesting, English?"

"We have an equal amount of chips left," he said neutrally.

She slipped off her jacket to reveal more of her silk blouse.

"I'm prepared to go all in." She lent forward as she spoke and caught him looking. "And you'll have to call me to find out."

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Title: Extracurricular Pursuits

Author: il-mio-capitano
Length: 100 words
Characters: Jenny

Following on from Love Potion in the last line first line challenge...

She watched him leave with a wicked smile on her face. Uncle Enyos had been disturbed at her report that the hated vampire had been making friends within the school and had adamantly insisted she pursue these friends.

“These children must be found and watched, Janna.”

He had been angry and righteous until Jenny had meekly agreed to obey him at which he had blessed her head and called her his child again.

As the door closed she smiled at her neglect in mentioning the role of the Librarian in Angel’s life. She wanted to keep him all to herself.


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Title: Better to Receive
Prompt: Secret Santa
Length: 100
Notes: I'm badly out of practice. Be kind.

It hadn't taken Snyder long to latch on to a similar sized present. He imposed himself between the librarian and the computer science teacher.

"I think a man who values both his employer and his employment, should appreciate the joys of gift exchange. Swap with me?"

To Jenny's disgust, Giles meekly traded parcels and Synder cackled away with his prize.

"I'm so sorry, Rupert. I hope he strangles himself with that scarf. Let's open yours and see what ....whoa! Who bought him fifteen year-old scotch?"

"I did." Giles smiled wickedly. "Some people just anticipate the joys of gift exchange."
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Title: For Every Rose Has Thorns
Prompt: Bloom
Rating: FRC

Again the police wanted to hear it from the top and again, Giles obliged. Word for solemn word he repeated it, describing events as he'd described them before. The bloom on the rose was fast fading for them. He was not their killer and they knew it. Jenny's neck had been broken some hours previously and he had witnesses to his whereabouts. He repeated the cold facts as an innocent man in shock should but his mind was already engaged on his next course of action. Jenny's people were all about vengeance? Well Rupert Giles intended to make them proud.


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